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SeaHarbor provides the full range of marine services and maritime logistics management through our SeaHarbor Services branch. We are available 24/7, 365 days per year, with immediate response to St. Martin, Venezuela, and the Curacao-Aruba-Bonaire region. Our company is based in Curacao, where we maintain offices, warehouse facilities, certified barges, tugs, and tenders, but we are readily available to the surrounding area and have provided maritime logistics services throughout the Caribbean.

Fresh Drinking Water Delivery

Fresh drinking water is a necessity, both in port or at sea, whether you are moving cargo, facilitating crew changes, or providing transport for cruise passengers. Fresh drinking water is provided via a dedicated, specially coated, 180m3 barge with a 140m3 per hour pumping capacity. Our expert team of maritime supply and services professionals guarantees the delivery of fresh, certified drinking water, both in port and OPL Curacao.

Lubricant Delivery

Maritime lubricants are vital to keeping your fleet in seaworthy condition, and it is essential that your stores remain topped off and readily available. The timely delivery of lubricants helps keep you on schedule and operating smoothly. We are a comprehensive marine lubricant distributor with a diverse range of products, and our lubricants are available in drums, pails, and bulk. They are delivered via supply barges with hydraulic pumping equipment that can pump lubricants directly from barrels or IBCs into your vessels’ storage tanks.

Chemical and Gas Delivery

Chemicals are a key maritime logistics concern. They are often complicated to work with, requiring the utmost care and adherence to all applicable laws and regulations. As a marine service supply company with decades of experience, our fleet of supply barges is equipped to safely deliver chemicals and gasses directly to your ships in both cylinders and pails. Deliveries can be made in port and OPL.

Pumping Services

Ships are complex ecosystems that require a variety of lubricants, chemicals, and other maritime supplies in order to operate smoothly. We are able to pump a variety of substances both from and to your ship, depending on your maritime logistics and services needs. Our certified pumps and hoses can sustain a pumping rate of 140 m3 per hour, ensuring timely delivery or offloading so that you can remain properly equipped and on schedule.

Spare Parts Delivery

We specialize in spare parts delivery throughout the Curacao-Aruba-Bonaire region. Once parts have been sourced or received, we can deliver them immediately via our fleet of self-propelled barges and tugboats.

Provisions/Stores Delivery

With 2,100 square meters of storage space in the Port of Willemstad, our bonded warehouse facilities efficiently consolidate stores and provisions from multiple providers for timely, on-board delivery. Storage services are available on both a short- and long-term basis, depending on your needs and desired delivery schedule. Delivery of maritime supplies and other services related to provisions are available 24/7.

Bilge Water Collection and Disposal

Adhering to all IMO regulations, we collect and dispose of bilge, ballast, gray water, cleaning water, slop, sludge, and cargo residue with our dedicated barge featuring a special resistant coating.

Waste Collection

The proper handling of marine waste is essential for the protection of your crew, passengers, and the environment, as well as to remain compliant with all relevant regulations. SeaHarbor specializes in marine waste collection and processing for vessels in Willemstad, Caracas Bay, Fuik Bay, and Bullen Bay, as well as those located off-port in the waters surrounding Curacao. We are the officially appointed collector of Marpol Annex V stream and complete all required paperwork in coordination with the port authorities throughout the stay and departure of your vessel.

Crew Changes

Offshore ship crew changes for seafarers are available in the Curacao-Aruba-Bonaire region through our fleet of tenders and tugboats, which includes three boats with 21-passenger capacity each. Curacao is a convenient location for seaman embarkation and crew change due to the island’s favorable geography and frequent flights from Europe, North and South America, and throughout the Caribbean. Boat crew and passenger embarkation are available, depending upon your specific needs. Crew changes are available both in port and directly from your vessel while at sea.


SeaHarbor maintains a presence and provides services in Bonaire, Aruba, St. Martin, Venezuela, and all of the major ports in Curacao (including Willemstad, Bullen Bay, Fuik Bay, Caracas Bay, and St. Michiels Bay), as well as OPL deliveries.

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