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Curacao has been one of the largest shipping centers in the Caribbean for hundreds of years, due to the safe, natural harbor of Willemstad and the presence of a robust Dutch shipping industry. When the Royal Dutch shell oil refinery was built in the 20th century, it advanced the area’s industrial development and helped the various ports of Curacao to grow into a diverse maritime logistics and service center. The eventual addition of strategic flight connections with Europe and the USA served to further strengthen Curacao’s position as a leading Caribbean transport and shipping center.

Curacao has five ports available for commercial activities, including Willemstad, Bullen Bay, St. Michiels Bay, Caracas Bay, and Fuik Bay. All of these natural ports are ideal for the safe, efficient handling of ships and cargo and are serviced by SeaHarbor Agencies.

Curaçao ports services are provided by SeaHarbor Agencies
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