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As the proud marine lubricants distributor for Shell, Total Lubmarine, Castrol, Gazprom, Avin, Enoc and North Sea Lubricants, we have a wide portfolio of marine lubricants in various grades available in pails, drums, and IBCs. We maintain extensive stock in our warehouse so that we can provide the delivery of lubricants whenever you need them, pumped directly into your vessels via barge or truck.

In addition, we are proud to serve as the official distributor of Wilhelmsen products (


SeaHarbor is the official marine distributor of Shell, Gazprom, Total Lubmarine, and North Sea Lubricants, and provide free delivery to Curacao Pilot Station.

Technical Advice and Consultation

Maritime lubricants are essential to keeping your fleet in good working order, and you need the support of a reliable expert to ensure you are always equipped and on schedule. Our professional maritime logistics engineers are available to help you find fast, efficient solutions to all of your lubricant challenges and needs. Whether you have questions about new lubricant products or the use, storage, or transport of your existing stock, free to get in touch with any questions you might have.


The proper care, storage, and use of marine chemicals require expert maritime and logistics management to ensure that all parties remain safe and in adherence with laws and regulations. We are proud to be the official distributor of Wilhelmsen chemicals and gasses. Inquiries and orders are processed directly through Wilhelmsen (contact information can be found here) and facilitated by our in-house marine service supply professionals.


SeaHarbor marine lubricants and chemicals are available in Bonaire, Aruba, St. Martin, Venezuela, and all of the major ports in Curacao (including Willemstad, Bullen Bay, Fuik Bay, Caracas Bay, and St. Michiels Bay), as well as OPL deliveries.

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